Angel in Action RI donated a motorized scooter to a disabled man who couldn’t leave his house

Debra Shipley Roffo, Owner and President of Angel in Action RI, Left, and Michael Wells, Owner of Yiayai Maria’s, Right, standing with the scooter.

August 3, 2018 — A wonderful restaurant business owner, Michael Wells, in Cranston, RI, Yiayai Maria’s, has been taking care of a disabled man for years. This gentleman worked all his life until he was diagnosed with diabetes and severe neuropathy. He had to quit working and go on disability social security. After paying for all his medications, rent and utilities, he didn’t have any money left over for anything else. Michael and his wife Robin feed him all his meals because he cannot afford food and can’t cook for himself. For the last ten months, he has gotten worse and has been confined to his apartment because he can’t walk and he can’t push himself in the wheelchair.

Michael and Robin bring him food every day even when the restaurant is closed, they are his only source of the outside world. He has no family to help take care of him. Michael reached out to social media and asked if anyone could help him with this man and how he could get a power scooter for him? A friend of Debra Shipley Roffo, Owner and President of Angel in Action RI, Deana Harrington, tagged Debra’s name; and Michael told Debra what the story was, and she knew she had to help him in some way.

“One of the reasons I started doing charity work, was when I was taking care of my dad in the last months of his life, I was trying to get some nursing in the house to help take care of him and was turned down. Because my dad worked all his life and did not qualify for any kind of assistance because his pension was too high; which was a total joke!” “I know so many people who never worked a day in their life, and they got all kinds of care in their home and free nursing home with great care! I was so frustrated I couldn’t understand what was wrong with this country and how that could happen! This is one of the reasons why I want to help the working people.” Said Debra Shipley Roffo, Owner and President of Angel in Action RI.

With the help of Liberty Mobility, Angel in Action RI was able to deliver a beautiful power scooter to Yiayia Maria’s restaurant today. Michael and Robin will surprise the gentleman with the scooter on Sunday and will send us pictures.

“Today was a great day, and I wouldn’t want to spend my day off any other way #Lovewhatido! Also, Thank you to my husband, Dan for helping deliver it. He has air conditioner; thank god.” Said Debra.

The scooter can move pretty good. “Micheal Wells said he is going to be so happy to see his friend flying down the street every day!”

The next time you are in Cranston, RI, be sure to stop by Michael and Robin Wells restaurant Yiayia Maria’s and try some of their great food. Also, don’t forgot to shake Michael and Robin’s hand and tell them what a great person they are.

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